Pär Larshans – profitable and circular enterprises (SWE)

Tuesday June 2 | 11:00 - 12:00

Live broadcast

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Listen to Pär Larshans, the sustainability manager at Ragn-Sells and expert in the collaboration group for the business climate change adaptation commissioned by the Ministry of Industry.

Pär Larshans has held more than 1,000 speeches, from California in the west to Japan in the east. Since 2015, Pär has been working at Ragn-Sells focusing on circular economics, and as a result, Ragn-Sells 2018 became an example of innovation and leadership for the SDGs at the UN in New York.

In early 2020, Pär was honored by Trust Across America-Trust Around the World (TAA-TAW) with the Top Thought Leaders in Trust award, thanks to his thought leadership that changes how organizations integrate trust as part of their business strategy.


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