SaraClaes Schmidt – Dare to reflect on yourself and others – without judging (SWE)

Tuesday June 2 | 00:00 - 00:00


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Who programs your brain and who decides what to think and think? Most people know that diversity and dissent are positive, evolving and even vital to a living society. Nevertheless, we allow fear, inherited norms and old ways of thinking to control our lives.

Listen to Saraclaes Schmidt, as in an entertaining and interactive lecture on the norms and values ​​that govern our lives and prevent us from thinking logically.

Claes Schmidt is an inspirer, entrepreneur and ex. marketing manager who became known as Sara Lund across the country when he “came out” as a transvestite in 2003. In 2010, SaraClae received the “Stora Talarpriset” and in 2012 came the book “Från Man till människa (from man to human)”.


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